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The Harbourfront neighbourhood incorporates a unique blend of residential, cultural, recreational, and commercial uses, all within the same community. Harbourfront also serves as Toronto's playground by the lake. It is enjoyed by all Toronto residents, as well as being a popular destination point for tourists.

When the heat and humidity of summer comes to Toronto, there’s no better place to be than wandering along the Harbourfront walkway with a youngster in tow, or  hand in hand with a partner, slurping a delicious ice cream and enjoying the cool breeze coming off Lake Ontario. 


There’s a lot more to this community than fabulous waterfront property, as most of Toronto’s world-renowned highlights are here. In this neighbourhood you will find the Air Canada Center (featuring basketball and hockey), Skydome (baseball and football), and the CN Tower. You will also find excellent outdoor patios with mixed entertainment, such as jugglers, performance artists and musicians. And in the unlikely event that you get bored, you can catch a ferry across the lake to Centre Island, where there are beaches, parks, restaurants and roller coasters in the Amusement Park.