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Thinking About Buying Your First Home?

There are few joys that match the pride of home ownership. Here are a few reasons to get into the real estate market.



Quit Renting!

Paying monthly rent means that you are contributing to someone else's mortgage payments, instead of investing in your own asset portfolio. With the current low mortgage interest rates and First Time Home Buyer incentives that are available, it can sometimes be cheaper to own than it is to rent.

There's an added sense of security when you own too. You don't have to worry about your home being sold by your investor landlord, or sudden increases in your rent, not to mention the privacy.


The price of real estate continues to increase, therefore making real estate purchases one of the safest long-term investments a person can make. If you had the choice between putting money towards a new car or a new house, a house should win every time as it will appreciate in value over the years, whereas a car does the opposite. Right now is a great time to get into the market and lock into a really good interest rate, and build equity.

Pride of Ownership

One of the biggest reasons that people buy property is the pride in saying that they own something. Even if it is a little starter home or an apartment style condo, it is yours and you can do with it as you please. Ownership is a great accomplishment; you will gain much more independence when you have your own property.


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