Team Bloch Annual Clothing Drive In Support Of Oasis

Oasis Addiction Recovery Society

May 22, 2018

By Anastasia Tsouroupakis



We at the Oasis Movement have decided to open our doors – so to speak, and let our followers and supporters get to know the people who make the Oasis Movement a reality.

This past Mother’s Day on May 8th ,  our Cabbagetown community partners Daniel Bloch and Liora Tal-Bloch of Bloch Real Estate a.k.a.  #TeamBloch hosted their third annual Spring Clean Clothing Drive, with all donations going to the Oasis Clothing Bank and, directly benefiting the Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society.

This husband and wife team are a mainstay in the Cabbagetown community, and can be seen volunteering at numerous community festivals and events.  We sat down with Liora to ask her why Cabbagetown? and why the Oasis Clothing Bank?

OM:  What is so special about Cabbagetown?

LTB:  The people definitely! They are so generous and positive.  Its such a diverse community and they are so accepting of everyone. We love working down here.

OM:  How did you come up with the idea of a door to door clothing drive?

LTB:   I am a BIG purger by nature.  I have always purged my wardrobe every season, if I haven’t worn it this season I am not going to and, it goes in the donation pile.  A clothing drive is something that is in line with my philosophy, and I wanted to do something that was easy for the community.  In essence, it’s a simple idea and when we put it out to the Cabbagetown community it was very well received.

OM:  Why the Oasis Clothing Bank?

LTB:   It’s such a great cause.   When we announced that all donations from the Door to Door Clothing Drive were going to benefit the Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society, the community was so excited it made them dig even deeper into their closets!

OM:  Why do you think that is?

LTB:  I think it’s because it’s a cause they can really get behind, Cabbagetown is so close to Regent Park they witness first hand the destructive nature of alcoholism and drug addiction.  The Oasis Addiction and Recovery Society is a cause they can whole heartedly get behind.

OM:  How did this year’s drive differ from last year?

LTB:  People were expecting the clothing drive this year, they would stop us in the street or message us, asking if we were going to hold our door to door clothing drive, and if their clothing was going to go to the Oasis Clothing Bank.  Now, not only do we have to do it, but we have to do it well.  Cabbagetown has issued us a challenge and we have accepted!

OM:  That’s wonderful!  Why do you think your Door to Door Clothing Drive is such a success?

LTB:  I am always amazed at how much everyone gives.   I believe that at our core, we all want to feel good and giving always makes us feel good about ourselves.  Our Door to Door Clothing Drive makes this easy, we bring you as many bags as you think you may need, you fill them, we pick them up!  Everyone feels good!

OM:  You and Daniel run a very busy real estate office, and all of your work for the Cabbagetown community must take up a good chunk of time, how do you fit it all in?

LTB:  Daniel and I have been blessed in our lives, and we don’t need much and when we have extra time we want to help. The people who live in Cabbagetown are so generous and they see what a positive effect that has on their community, it’s very uplifting.

Daniel and Liora brought over 150 gently used bags of clothing to the Oasis Movement as well as,  a number of bags and boxes filled with small housewares.  We are grateful and humbled by the kindness and generosity the people of Cabbagetown and the Bloch Real Estate team have shown the Oasis Movement.  Each bag of gently used clothing helps someone struggling with addiction and alcoholism re claim their rightful place in society.  Thank you Daniel, Liora and the folks in Cabbagetown for helping us build communities and enrich lives.


Be Well

Oasis Movement